Our technician in Montrose, CO can swing by at your convenience

Having a pellet stove really comes in handy in the Montrose, CO area. To keep it running safely and efficiently, you should hire Hisson Heating to make pellet stove repairs if any issues arise. We can also provide you with other pellet stove services to help keep your home comfortable.

A well-maintained pellet stove is less likely to leak carbon monoxide or start a chimney fire than equipment that hasn't been properly taken care of. If we discover that you need pellet stove repairs when we check the interior, flue pipe and other components, we can fix your unit as needed.

Call 970-901-4860 now to speak with the owner of Hisson Heating.

Other pellet stove services we offer

From fixing your pellet stove to installing a new one, we can provide you with the pellet stove services you need to keep your home toasty warm. You can expect us to:

  • Give you an in-person estimate
  • Waive the fee if you live in Montrose, CO
  • Do the work once you've paid a deposit

We can install any stove made by Quadra-Fire. Contact us right away to get your pellet stove replaced in a timely manner.